Julie Snow, H.B.Sc, RPBio



    H.B.Sc, Ecology, University of Toronto
  • Diploma, Environmental Technician, Fleming College

Julie is a Terrestrial Ecologist with over 10 years of professional consulting experience. Julie has worked in the field of terrestrial ecology with a focus on natural heritage inventory and impact assessment. She has considerable experience with the Class Environmental Assessment process as well as permitting and compensation planning under the Endangered Species Act (2007). During her career, she has contributed to a variety of project types, including land re-developments, mine creation, major highway expansions, renewable energy developments, linear infrastructure developments and infrastructure rehabilitation projects.

Julie leads projects through workplan development, project coordination, preparation of Existing Conditions and Impact Assessment Reports, Terrestrial Ecosystems Frameworks, Species at Risk Permit applications and habitat compensation/restoration plans.

Her technical specialties include ultrasonic monitoring for bat Species at Risk (SAR), herpetofauna surveys, botanical inventory, and Butternut Health Assessment. She also performs ecological land classification, wildlife habitat surveys, tree inventories, benthic macroinvertebrate sampling, species at risk habitat surveys and species at risk relocations. Further to these technical specialties, she also has experience with wildlife passage development, dendrochronology, riparian restoration, database and data management techniques as well as water quality sampling.

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