GEI was founded as a geotechnical engineering firm in 1970. Since then, GEI has been a consistent industry leader in this space and has increased servicing offerings to include hydrogeological, environmental and materials testing and inspection fields.

GEI takes a holistic view of the engineering behaviour of earth materials, including soil, rock and groundwater. Whether it is for earthworks, buildings, structures, or developments, it is imperative to understand how these earth materials work with each other. This understanding enables you to develop the right design when building on top of, building below, or building with these earth materials.



Borehole/Test Pit Investigations and On-Site Inspections to Support Geotechnical, Hydrogeological and Environmental Recommendations


Shallow and Deep Foundations
Slope Stability and Retaining Wall Design
Consolidation and Settlement
Seismic Design Parameters
Construction Considerations, including Site Grading and Staging, Bedding and Backfill for Site Servicing, Pavement Design


Determination of Seasonally High Groundwater
Permit to Take Water and EASR Applications
Water balance
Groundwater Monitoring & Mitigation Plans
In-Situ Permeability & Percolation Testing


Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
Environmental Remediation
Excess Soil Management
Contamination Delineation

On-Site Materials Testing & Inspection

Compaction Control on Soils, Aggregates and Asphalt
Proofrolls and Subgrade Inspections
Shallow and Deep Foundation Installation Review
Reinforcing steel review
Concrete Quality Testing (slump, air content)

Laboratory Testing (CCIL)

Proctors and Grain Size Analysis on Soils and Aggregates
Sieves, Hydrometers and Atterberg Limits on Soils, including T-Times
Concrete Compressive Strength

Meet the Team

Alexander Winkelmann, P.Eng.

Vice President, Geotechnical Practice Lead

Russell Wiginton, P.Eng.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Fernando Contento, P.Geo.

Manager, Environment and Contaminated Sites

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