Municipalities and communities face many infrastructure challenges, from population and employment growth, to the age and condition of existing infrastructure, to regulatory compliance, and the overall level of service provided for users.

The diverse issues facing municipal infrastructure require a balanced, multi-criteria approach to future planning. That demands a broad range of skills, expertise, and experience. It is important to have a long-term strategy — and even more critical that your infrastructure plan is designed to be defendable, robust, and implementable.

Our infrastructure planning team can address the full range of infrastructure planning challenges across different municipal assets and infrastructure types. We can also provide support for infrastructure renewal, design, and construction projects.

Our team includes land use planners, hydraulic modellers, municipal engineers, environmental planners, consultation specialists, financial modellers, and strategic advisors. They collaborate to provide a comprehensive service to meet any community’s specific needs.



Master Plans

Master Plans represent a comprehensive vision of the infrastructure plan for municipalities that takes into consideration planning, capacity, state of repair, and compliance, in addition to social, environmental, financial, and long-term maintenance factors. We have completed master plans across all infrastructure types including water, wastewater, stormwater, and transportation.

Each master plan is designed to meet your project goals and objectives, and extend beyond a long-term capital program. Our team includes nationally-recognized leaders in master plans, who have delivered long-term plans for communities from Vancouver to Halifax, with a significant number of master plans developed in Ontario.

Our team is well-integrated in the federal, provincial, and municipal planning, management, and financing process, which are key components of the master plan environment.

Our master plans deliver not only the key deliverable of a long-term infrastructure capital program but also a fully funded, resourced, and implementable roadmap for our clients.

Wet Weather Management

Climate change is impacting communities. As the duration and intensity of storms increase, our infrastructure systems will be challenged to meet the range of capacity and level of service needs.

Wet Weather Management is a comprehensive and integrated approach that includes data analytics, system and facility modelling and analysis, infrastructure upgrade programs, and the demonstration of successful results.

We bring extensive experience and a strategic perspective to the planning process for wet weather management. Our specialists focus on leveraging technology to optimize the time and cost of system analysis, while developing innovative solutions that will create value for municipalities, their residents, and their businesses.

Class Environmental Assessment Studies

Proper planning for infrastructure projects is critical to overall implementation success.  Our infrastructure planning team have delivered studies across the full range of approaches under the Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process from streamlined Schedule A/A+ projects to detailed multi-year Schedule C studies.

We bring a full suite of services and expertise in-house for the complete delivery of Class EAs: environmental planning, engineering and technical analysis, financial planning, capital programming, and consultation / engagement.  We provide a proven and comprehensive process to undertake a multiple-bottom-line evaluation of alternatives.  We match our technical expertise with communication skills to engage with stakeholders and ensure complex evaluations and solutions are well understood and supported.

Servicing Analysis And Modelling

Effective and efficient completion of servicing analysis and modelling assignments require a strong understanding of water, wastewater, and stormwater systems combined with hydraulic modelling and system analysis skills. Our approach is equally based on a solid foundation and perspective of municipal engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance.   We develop and utilize tools to support servicing analysis, future planning, what-if scenarios, operation and maintenance practices, and to support enhancing overall resilience for our clients.

We have a dedicated team of infrastructure planners with hands-on experience and expertise in utilizing complex hydraulic analysis tools.  Our dedicated modellers can also work through software selection, model development, model validation and calibration, and tool customization for a wide-range of systems.  We also provide on-call servicing analysis and modelling services to support our client’s day-to-day needs.  Our agility and depth of resources provides a unique ability to support urgent and priority response needs.

Expertise in Infrastructure Planning

Our team offers proven and unmatched experience for infrastructure planning projects, with a dedicated Master Plan & Asset Management team.  This combines insight and expertise for both growth-related and existing infrastructure programs.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of municipal infrastructure standards and business processes provides the foundation for our industry-leading infrastructure planning services.

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of Provincial documentation and guidelines including all relevant planning, sustainability, and environmental regulations. Senior team members have provided input and guidance in the development of many regulations and accompanying policy documents. These contributions were the result of their leadership positions and involvement in the following groups:

Members of our leadership team are regularly consulted at the provincial level in planning and discussion sessions including the municipal class environmental assessment process and development charges. Our team actively shares their expertise at technical and political forums, to help raise industry standards across Ontario.

James Jorgensen, B.Sc., C.WEM, C.Env, AMP, MIAM

Vice President, Asset Management Practice Lead

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