James Leslie

Senior Vegetation Ecologist


    Certificate Program, University of Toronto, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Environmental Management
  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo

James Leslie is a project manager and field ecologist with expertise in vegetation ecology and botany. He actively conducts field surveys and has worked extensively in most regions of Ontario, as well as parts of southeastern Qu├ębec, northern Alberta, and the Great Lakes shorelines of Michigan. He frequently conducts comprehensive plant inventories, species at risk surveys, Ecological Land Classification (ELC), wetland assessments, and vegetation monitoring. He has also led or assisted with numerous types of wildlife surveys and habitat assessments.

James is proficient with spatial analysis software, such as ArcGIS, ERDAS, and eCognition. Through this, he has experience completing algorithm-based spectral analyses, object-based classification, and UAV imagery management as a method of mapping plant species and vegetation community structure. He has gained experience analyzing imagery from satellite optical, aerial optical, LiDAR, and UAV structure-from-motion (SFM).

James has had significant involvement in aggregate, mining, highway infrastructure, renewable energy, and oil and gas, and has managed urban development and ecological restoration projects.

Professional Organizations