Peter Burke

Ornithologist, Senior Ecologist


    B.S., Biology, Guelph University

Peter has broad experience working with Species at Risk (SAR); their biology, habitat, management, threats, regulations, policies and programs. He is familiar with the Endangered Species Act (2007) and has become immersed in working towards the recovery, conservation and management of species ranging from Special Concern to Endangered across Ontario. Peter evaluates issues pertaining to SAR in relation to his understanding of the needs of his clients. He has worked extensively with environmental impact and assessment, permitting and habitat compensation evaluation for clients involved in land development and resource extraction. He is an effective communicator, facilitator and presenter, and can share his knowledge with those who may have limited understanding of the topic.

Peter has a solid naturalist-driven knowledge of all components of Ontario’s flora and fauna communities that comes with decades of field experience and communication with professionals within Canada and internationally. He possesses expert knowledge of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and a wide variety of insect groups, including Odonata and Lepidoptera, and other non-insect Arthropods. He is frequently consulted on identifications and biology from across Ontario and globally. He has a long interest in botany with a well-rounded knowledge of Ontario’s plants and vegetation communities. This knowledge supports his experience with guiding restoration aimed at early successional and grassland systems of southern Ontario. Peter is involved with overseeing forestry and restoration joint ventures to improve landscape health and function across Ontario’s landscape.