GE Booth WWTP Facility Shoring

Temporary Excavation Shoring System For Construction


    Allied Piling & Shoring Inc.


    Mississauga, Ontario

Key Elements

    Temporary Earth Retention System Design
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GEI was retained by Allied Piling & Shoring Inc. to design a temporary excavation shoring system that can facilitate the construction for proposed structures on site.

The GE Booth WWTP facility in Mississauga, ON is demolishing several buildings within the facility that have underground structures. To facilitate the demolition of the underground components of these structures, a temporary excavation shoring system was required to support approximately 7m of excavation. GEI designed a shoring system consisting of soldier piles and lagging walls braced with inclined rakers, face walers, corner braces, and struts.

Due to the extended length of time, this shoring system was required to support the excavation, GEI had to ensure that the design limited lateral and vertical movements to a minimum and thus long-term factors were taken into account in the design. An extensive monitoring program took place to measure and ensure that the shoring pile deflections were within the design limits.

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